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22 March - 3 May 2022

A Low Saxon Story

Nicky Goldsteen grew up in the Lower Saxon region and graduated from the AKI in Enschede. In his work, he seeks the Myths, the light and the Mystery in the environment and in the paint. Old stories handed down in a new language. He works with pure intuition, the gestures he makes with the paint are like a breath of wind, a ploughed up piece of earth or a corrupted memory. Do we ultimately see his own mythology emerge in his work?

Martin ter Denge is known as an "artistic (regional) language fanatic from Twente". One knows him as a writer of lyrics from Twente. Another as a Lowersaxtivist, yet another as a musician. Or perhaps as an drawing artist? We are going to show the latter in this exhibition.

The connection between these two artists is in the language, Lower Saxon, that is how they communicate and work together.

The occasion for this exhibition is Martin ter Denge's lecture at Studium Generale on 22 March from 19:30-21:00.

Vrijhof - Small exhibition room
22 March - 3 May 2022
Free access