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2 June 2022 20.00 hour - 22.00 hour

Onze Toekomst

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In today's world of internet and social media, many answers can be found on the internet, but these answers are not always the truth. As a young adult, the overload of information is sometimes confusing rather than enlightening in the search for their place in the world. When the strictly evangelical Noa asks a question about climate change on a forum, a discussion erupts about the cause, the consequences and the authenticity of climate change. Where environmental activist Sophie fights for the future of the world, Milan is only busy provoke others and causing riots. When wealthy Louise calls for action as a cry for attention, the young people unite in a protest to save the environment. Here the first measures arise, love blossoms and the protest escalates into a riot. The togetherness is short-lived and not everyone gets what they wanted from the protest…

Vrijhof - Agora
2 June 2022 20.00 hour - 22.00 hour
Understanding Dutch is recommended when visiting this event
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