If you have a cold/flu symptoms and/or a high temperature/fever:

- You can read what you should do here

- Contact your study advisor if you are too ill to study and you are likely to become delayed in your studies.

The housemate who is ill

- If one person in the household shows symptoms, the entire house must remain in quarantine until everyone has been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

- In being quarantine you will find a series of ground rules for living in quarantine. We understand that it may not be easy and can have an impact on your day-to-day life, but try to keep to the rules!

- If it is impossible to do the shopping because of house quarantine, the Student Union will be able to help you with the Buddy system.  For information, contact us.

What if you are too ill to stay at home alone?

- Call your general practitioner (GP) if you are becoming increasingly ill or are finding breathing difficult. The GP will decide whether you need to be admitted to the hospital.

- If you are not admitted, but cannot care for yourself because you are too ill, you can telephone the accommodation provider, your own study advisor or the Student Union +31(0)53-4898006, https://su.utwente.nl/en/). They will do their best to help.

In the Netherlands, when is someone admitted to Intensive Care (IC)?

People are being admitted to Intensive Care if they require continuous help with breathing. Remember: the older you are, the greater the consequences for your health. For this reason, doctors often discuss what the expectations are before admission to IC.