Contracts/terminations and practical issues in the coronavirus period

- There has been a decision that it is not permitted to evict students if they are unable to pay their rent because of the coronavirus crisis. If you do face this problem, you may refer your room provider to this site (in Dutch), or contact your study advisor who will try to help you.

- Students who are temporarily not in their room, have left things in it and have questions about that, are best advised to contact the room provider.

- Students who want to go home and have questions about their contracts are best advised to contact the room provider.

- International students with a residence permit who want to end their rental contract and/or will leave The Netherlands have to contact Student Services – VISA 

Other questions/help

Accommodation providers

For any questions directly related to your room (rent), you are best advised to contact the accommodation provider.

Study Advisor 

The study advisor and the Student Union are currently offering additional help/support. If you have any questions or require help, you can contact your own study advisor.