Living in the IIH and Stadsweide

For the IIH and Stadsweide we follow the guidelines as provided by the RIVM, which for the IIH specifically we firmly request you:

· Use the regular elevator with a maximum of two persons.

· Use the service elevator with one person at a time.

· Do not use the kitchen with more than three persons at the same time and limit the duration in the kitchen to 20 minutes.

Hygiene is essential right now, therefore cleaning of the rooms remains mandatory. For your information, the IIH cleaning staff use a fresh cleaning cloth for each room. All clothes are washed at a high temperature after use.

In case of infection, quarantine facilities are ready and available at the ITC International Hotel.

Services ITC Student Affairs Officers

Student Affairs have consulting hours from Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 13:00. This service is extended to ‘all residents’ of the IIH (so to all UT students).

Outside these hours, ITC Student Affairs Officers can be contacted via email.  Again this service is available to all UT students residing in the IIH.