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Get More Than a Degree

Your student life is a wonderful time in which you will create unforgettable memories to look back on. A period where studying is not the only fundamental part. Surely, it plays an important role, but you definitely need to appreciate all the other parts equally. For this reason, we put all our efforts in making the most out of your student life. We especially focus on everything outside your study programme. And that concerns an incredible amount of matters.

Student activism at Twente

A unique part of the student life in Enschede is the huge commitment of students to all their associations and clubs. These organizations are fully organized by and for students. Most students choose to work voluntarily for their association in a committee. Through this student activism, you can master skills like leading a meeting or organizing a big event. A way to develop your skills which you will not learn in your study programme, but which are very important for your future career. Even though that still seems to last for a while.

Some students even challenge themselves during a full year by running an association or big committee as a fulltime board member. A huge responsibility in which you will boost your personal development, enlarge your network and completely prepare yourself for the labour market.

Do you think a committee or board does not really fit your challenges and you would rather organize a new major event or a venture even? That is student activism too! And we make sure to help you with realizing your entrepreneurial dreams.