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Other student organizations

We have a large amount of varied student organizations of which we find it hard to range in just one category. Therefore, this clarifying name ‘other’. These associations and foundations show enthusiasm in for instance building innovative solar or hydrogen cars. The student scouting club or the political youth organization are other examples of student organization in this sector.

Student organization that organizes the yearly running relay race for students
Borrelbeheer Zilverling
Foundation that exploits the bar in the Zilverling
Student organization linking students with sustainable issues.
Green Team Twente
Foundation where students create an innovative hydrogen car.
Student organization that gives information and advice in the IT area. The also sell ITC products.
Political Youth Organization Twente
Umbrella for all political youth organizations in Enschede
Student scouting club
RoboTeam Twente
Student organization that builds a robot soccer team
Organisation that promotes the interest of students on the area of network facilities
Solar Boat Twente
Studentorganization that designs an innovative solarboat
Solar Team Twente
Student organization that designs an innovative solar car
Foundation that exploits the bar TAP
Twente Debating Society
Student organization for debating
Campus Cable Association
Student organization working on the radio and television signal on the campus of the University of Twente
Werkgroep Ontwikkelingstechnieken
Student association with passion for technical issues and development