Discount at Concordia and a free drink

Concordia is the place to be when you want to visit a movie theater. At the city center of Enschede you can watch (inter)national movies, music theater, mini-opera and theater shows of upcoming talent and famous producers!”

Students of the University of Twente can visit movies and theaters at Concordia for just €7,00!

Take a look at their versatile agenda: https://www.concordia.nl/agenda . Don't forget to check their other actions and free expositions. 

Tickets can be bought online or at the door. 
Cash desk 'Oude Markt' at the city center is opened 1 hour before the theater show starts or half an hour before the movie starts. 

Next to this they just launched their new movieconcept for students: Cinema Unfiltered, where you will watch a movie and get a drink for just €8,50!

Do you want to watch movies together instead of watching Netflix alone on your coach? Come to the Cinema Unfiltered at Concordia. This new movieclub for students and young professionals will show you an arthouse movie on the last tuesday of the month. After the movie we will have a drink and discuss the content that we just watched together. Loads of discussion material! Have fun!