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Company First Aid poule

What is it?

This initiative is set up to bring Company First Aid providers in contact with the organisers of UT events and vice versa. As a Company First Aid provider you get the opportunity to gain more experience and to also earn some extra money. As an organiser of an event, you can quickly and easily find a Company First Aid provider for your event. Moreover, it is a free service from the SU.  

How does it work?

Company First Aid providers
Company First Aid providers can apply through this web form. You will then be added to the poule and you will receive a message for every event that that requires Company First Aid providers. You will be registered in UTFlex, where you can declare your hours. The first one who responds to the request gets the job.

An event can be registered through this web form. This will ensure that the Company First Aid providers receive an email so that you will come in contact with them. Through UTFlex the hours will be declare and these will be met by you, including the fixed charges. This happens by means of an invoice. Pay attention: This is not a guarantee that Company First Aid providers are available.  

Requirements Company First Aid providers