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Event Insurance

The event insurance covers various risks associated with organizing an event. These risks are subdivided into four sections, the first of which (costs) always must be insured. The other sections can be enclosed as desired. The sections are:

Costs (required):

This section provides for reimbursement of costs incurred in vain if the event is canceled, postponed, interrupted or terminated prematurely due to unforeseen circumstances. The most important criterion such a circumstance must meet is that it is "independent of the will of the insured".


Co-insured on the policy of the University of Twente


Matters such as the sound system to be used at the event, grandstands, furniture, mobile toilets, etc. under the heading Material can be insured for damage / loss at the event location. If desired, the section can also provide coverage during transport to and from that location. It is important to check the contracts concluded who is responsible for damage to the material. The landlord has often insured the property.


The categories to be insured are:

-        the organization of the event (all persons described as insured under the Liability section);

-        the participants (think of artists, speakers, entertainers);

-        the public (only possible for certain, small-scale events)

-        certain persons or groups mentioned in particular in the policy (think of volunteers)