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During this course, you will work with a group in eight lessons with a beautiful and versatile West African instrument: the djembe. Because djembés can produce a sound that can be heard for miles away, this drum was traditionally used to communicate quickly with other villages.

Playing djembé gives quick results, which means that we can all produce a fantastic sound during the course. As a player, you can achieve different sound colours by using both hands and playing with both the fingers and the flat hand. It deals with rhythm 

This course was created in collaboration with Kaliber Kunstenschool

This course is only for employees and students with a valid Union-/Campuscard

• 8 lessons on Tuesday evening from 21.00 - 22.00 hrs

• Teacher: Rüdiger Wolbeck

• Location:  Dance Room (Balletstudio), Vrijhof (building 47) on Campus

• Course fee: €90,00

Further information: Joke Sanchez, Coordinator Cultural Education, Culture&Events, cultuurcentrum@utwente.nl, 053-4895759