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lasergame, pool and extra drinking time!

De Tapperij

Are you competitive? Would you like to show everyone your skills in the field of shooting? Take a look at the lasergame UnionDeal. The Tapperij in Hengelo already had a sweet deal for lasergaming and the Student Union brought you an even better deal. 

It is already possible to enjoy the student arrangement, this arrangement is available from 10 persons from Sunday until Thursday. This deal includes the following:  

*This deal can also be used on Friday and Saturday, but pooling is not included on these days.

The UnionDeal(s)

By making use of the UnionDeal you get an extra 30 minutes of free drinking and playing pool. Moreover, a picture will be taken and will be printed for free at the UnionShop. You can pick up the poster 3 working days after the activity. This way you can immortalize the nice evening you have had. 

What should I do?

Please place your reservation by calling the Tapperij. Please mention that you are making use of the UnionDeal!

Attention: Mention clearly you want to use the UnionDeal. If you do not mention UnionDeal, the Tapperij will conclude you want to use the standaard studentarrangement, so no extra half hour nor picture.

Contact information and opening hours

LaserGame Hengelo - de Tapperij 
Pastorielaan 33
7551 DJ, Enschede

T: 074 250 4204

Mon: 19:00-23:00
Tue: 19:00-23:00
Wed: 14:00-23:00
Thu: 16:00-23:00
Fri: 16:00-02:00
Sat: 14:00-02:30
Sun: 14:00 23:00