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What is the member-for-a-day platform?

The Member-for-a-Day (MFAD) platform is a new Student Union initiative which aims to lower the barriers for students to get involved in activism. We find that many students would like to join an association but hesitate because they don't know anyone in the association and are afraid of facing the new association alone. That's why we created MFAD: where you can sign up for a walk-along with a student who's already active in the association and who can show you what to expect from a typical training, rehearsal, event, etc.  It's also a place where active students can apply as a Member Buddy in order to represent their association(s) and help students feel more comfortable getting involved.

What is a member Buddy?

The Member-for-a-Day platform relies on Member Buddies, who are active members of UT associations, to lead walk-alongs to help other students feel more comfortable getting involved in activism. If you'd like to help other students feel welcome in the association(s) you're a part of, feel free to sign up as a Member Buddy on the MFAD home page!

What is expected of me as a member buddy?

Member Buddies will be sent a maximum of one Member-for-a-Day request per month. If you receive a request, you will be sent an email with the contact information of your Member-for-a-Day and instructions on how to proceed. Essentially, you'll be expected to coordinate a suitable time to conduct the walk-along with your Member-for-a-Day, then use your experience in the association to show him/her what it has to offer!

How does the matching process work if i apply to be a member-for-a-day?

Once you submit your MFAD application, your request will be sent to the Student Union MFAD administrator. He/she will then look to our Member Buddy pool to find an available Member Buddy. If none are currently available, you will be put on a waitlist and notified once a Member Buddy is available. Otherwise, the contact information you provided in your application will be send to your assigned Member Buddy and he/she will be responsible for contacting you to arrange a suitable walk-along appointment. 

how can i register my association for the member for a day platform?

All UT associations are welcome to join the Member for a Day platform. Once you and your fellow board members have decided that you want to register your association for the Member for a Day platform, please send a request to with the following information: logo, link to your website, your association in one word (e.g. football, dancing), main language spoken in the association, active days (Monday-Sunday), when you are open for walk-alongs (September/February or the whole year). You will get a confirmation once your association is on the website and then member can register to become a Member Buddy.