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17 oktober 2018
2nd Participants Session


Each year, we write an Annual Plan. This plan describes our plans for the upcoming year. Since the creation of our Annual Plan 2018, we wanted our Union participants to have the possibility to give more input during the creation of our Annual Plan. That’s why we have changed the process of the setup of our Annual Plan 2018. Now, we’re already brainstorming for our next Annual Plan, the Annual Plan of 2019.

 We are organising two participants sessions;


During the first session, sectors can rank their priority to the focus points the Student Union board has drawn up. There’s also room for open input during this session. This is the moment where you can have a voice about the topics that will be our focus for 2019! Participants session 1 takes place on the 5th and 6th of September.


During the second session, we will discuss concept 1 of the Annual Plan. We would like to talk about the concrete aims which are linked to the focus points. Furthermore, we can explain why we’ve chosen to include particular focus points and why we let some focus points out. Participants session 2 takes place on the 17th of October. You’ll receive more information about this session later.

 We would like to invite 1 or 2 board members from every board to participate in these sessions. In the end of August, you’ll receive the agenda and focus points to prepare the first session. Below, you can find the time locks for the different sectors for participants session 1.

5th of September

 6th of September

Don’t forget to sign up for participants session 1 by sending an e-mail to office@union.utwente.nl before the 27th of August.