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Bestuursblog Arthur


The past few days I realized how fast the times goes by during this year at the Student Union. Writing this blog made me think about my achievements so far. And the question is: am I (still) getting the most out of this year? On the other hand it also made me realize what I already have learned and how much I have enjoyed  the past few months.

What I like the most about the Student Union is working alongside with so many students and staff with completely different backgrounds (and sometimes interests). This in combination with my portfolios Finances and Accommodation makes that I haven’t had a day that was the same since I started. This combined makes that I couldn’t be more happy with my choice for a board year.


But is it always happiness and sunshine? No, sorry to say that’s not the case. Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining in a project and sometimes decisions have to be made that aren’t good news for everyone. At such moments I consider all options in order to determine the best possible outcome. For example juggling with office space to accommodate as many associations as possible, supporting and developing new projects, quick and long term decisions in the SU finances, no challenge is the same. This meant that soon after my first month, my agenda was filled up with several of these projects (also because I make these projects my own). It is a challenge to make it all fit in time and still oversee all these projects.


The reason I joined the SU board was because I wanted to learn skills and meanwhile have impact on the student community of the UT. With the upcoming Startup Hub in the Bastille I learned a great deal! My predecessor told me that it was a project that probably would never happen. That sounded like a challenge right up my sleeve. Connecting groups, gatherings funds, starting a renovation, a lot of meetings you name it and it was a part of the realization of the Startup Hub. Well, I am proud to say that the renovation will start this month! When I conclude my board year the Hub will be up and running! This project is a perfect example of how you need to work together with a lot of different people, to spread your ideas and plans to really create impact.

Luckily there are a lot of other ways to create impact, from small projects like managing subsidy requests from associations to bigger projects like working on the new SU Strategic Plan for the upcoming four years! I want to do this in a way that I can look back on this year later on in my life so that I can laugh about my mistakes, but also be proud of the success that we achieved as a team with the SU.


Are you interested in our work? Please drop by at our office in the Bastille! We all like to tell you all about our projects. Are you up for a challenge? Perhaps you would like to consider a board position with the SU! Check out the information on our webpage.

Arthur de Lange
Portfolio holder Finance, Accommodation and Business Management