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Blog Elise Hans


My name is Elise Hans and I am 18 years old and originally from Enschede, so a real-life-Tukker. For my study, Management Assistant, I needed to do an internship in order to complete my study. And I think you guessed it already… my internship is at the Student Union.

Now, let me explain how I got here. For my study you have to do two internships. My first internship I did at the hospital in Hengelo and Almelo because I wanted to do an internship in the medical sector. After all what is more medical than a hospital? My goal is to get the most out of my study, so I wanted my second internship with a whole different company, a company where I can learn the business side as a Management Assistant. This way I incorporate two different sides of my future profession.

The real question you have all been waiting for: ‘what is it like to work at the SU?’ Well, it is fun, weird, exciting, informative, in one word: awesome! Every day I learn new stuff, things like: making meeting minutes, how to plan an appointment correctly, how to answer phone calls in a correct manner, organize an awesome event, etc. The best and most exciting thing I have done, is organize the constitution drink from the SU, because there was so much to do and think of, a whole lot more than I thought which surprised me.

The most things I have learned from Sandra, the office manager who is also my internship supervisor, and Jocintha, my other colleague. When I don’t know what to do, I ask them and they help me out. Together they are called “the office’. But I am not the only one who needs the office, because the office is the first place to go to when you need help or answers. Over the past few months, I have learned a lot and nowadays I use my knowledge to help “the office” out by helping all the people, who come to the Student Union with their questions.

Right now I am already at the end of the internship period. So I would like to thank Sandra, Jocintha, the SU-board and all the others I worked with during my internship, thanks for a great time. I wish you all the best!