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How to prepare for your exams? Student Union's 5 Study Tips

How to prepare for your exams?  Student Union’s 5 Study Tips

The UT exam weeks are there, are you already stressing out? Luckily we have prepared 5 helpful study tips for you!

 1.      Make a Study Plan

One of the most obvious tips, but still a lot of people forget this, make a study plan! Time is precious, you do not want to waste it.  By creating a study plan, you estimate how much time you need for each subject. Try not to plan too much on one day, also try to do some fun things; go to the gym, hang out with friends or try to bake a cake. Do something you enjoy as reward for the hard work you are doing.

2.      Establish a Study Environment

Your study routine is comprised more than planning what to learn and where to learn. One of the main concerns is your study environment. A clean environment also means a clear head. When you are studying at home, try to make your room tidy before starting. If you prefer studying at a different place, try finding a place that is quiet and with few distractions.

3.      Turn off your phone

Doing too many things at the same time makes us less productive and focused. Unconsciously we spent lots of hours on our smartphones every day; we check WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, play Candy Crush etc. On your phone, you can see your average screen time per day. Try putting you phone away while studying. By doing so, you are more focused on your work. When taking a break you can allow yourself to use your phone again.

4.      Learn together with your friends!

Can’t find the motivation to study for that boring subject? Ask your buddies to study together! This makes studying more fun and you will have more motivation to actually start your studies. Booking a room in for example Vrijhof is a good idea, but you can also go to a café in the city or meetup at someone’s house.

5.      Write down what you learn.

One great way of memorizing that important information you need to know for you exam is by writing it down. Making a summary by hand has been proven the most effective way to actively remember what you just have studied. Do you not feel like writing a complete summary? Even writing down the most important key words can already make a great difference!  

Goodluck with your deadlines and exams!