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Blog Lisanne Venix – Portfolio Sports and Culture

During the corona situation, it sometimes seems like world is standing still. However the time goes on and we are actually already coming to the end of our board year. Past September I started my board year at the Student Union, as portfolio holder Sports and Culture. Now, almost eight months later I was asked to write something about my experiences as a board member.


I always find it very hard if people ask me the question what my daily tasks are, because there is no such thing as a regular day at the Student Union. The one hour you are meeting with the director of the campus, and the other hour with a random student who just had an informal question. The contrast between those two meetings is so big, but that does not make one less interesting or less fun!

Every day I get very much energy from all different people I work with. The sports associations challenge me every day, by questioning every little decision and wanting to know all small details. The cultural sector often amazes me with their strong community feeling. Besides that the effort of all students in general keeps surprising me. For instance the Kick-In Committee, who just had a major setback, still work with a lot of enthusiasm towards the Kick-In, but now in a whole different shape!

The Student Union is such a big organization, and as a board member you have insight in and impact on so many things at this University. This is very exciting but can of course also be very challenging. During my board year I faced some challenges which made me a bit afraid and insecure. But now I have faced them, I can look back and conclude that I have learned so much! What really helps us with that, is the support we get. To start with our office managers, who support us as much as possible, and are basically the Student Union’s memories. Next to that we also get a lot of support from the other departments of the UT. We for instance have a board adviser, who comes to our office every week just to discuss with us. Next to that we get support in all strategy and policy matters, from the UT department Strategy and Policy.


I could talk and write so much more about my portfolio, so if you are really interested in doing a board year at the Student Union, don’t hesitate to contact me on my e-mail address l.p.j.venix@utwente.nl, or come to our next interest moment on May 7th at 12.30!