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Blog Saikiran Samudrala - Portfolio wellbeing, Communication and Internationalization

The time during this board year goes so very fast. Especially now, during the Corona crisis, there are so many things to consider and to do. Communication is always important, but it is now even more challenging. I am very proud of the way my communication team and fellow board members handled the first week(s) of the Corona crisis.

As SU, we are responsible for buildings and all tenants and visitors. If you close down a building, what can go wrong? What do tenants need? Do we lock down entirely, or is it possible for other board to still access their rooms, how about the committees working on their event? So we decided to work from home. I opened a BlueJeans account, so we could quickly contact each other. Also, the Slack program helped us to keep in touch as it works as a fancy version of What’s app. That was one thing that was organized rather quickly, the internal communication between board, (student) employees, and our committee members.

Meanwhile, the communication towards other boards and students was happening. We had to keep up with the RIVM directions, all the extra-curricular activities. Did it work? I guess that you have to decide on that, all I can say that I am very proud of my communication team and their creative cooperation! Check out our tips on handling the situation.


Starting my board year, I was very eager to get on top of things. As I was already acquainted with the Student Union with a lot of committee work, I figured it would not take me long to be comfortable with my portfolios. Well, I have to say, I was amazed by the numerous projects and work that was going on. I was very happy with the help of our office, and they probably go nuts from all my questions, ok I know they went nuts one of them told me so 😊, but together we are a great team. The SU gives me a great opportunity to learn to take up responsibility but also, and perhaps just as important, to entrust others with tasks. Assigning tasks and keep on top of it is something I learned in these past few months.


What inspires me the most is the team we are as a board! We challenge each other to come up with ideas or give advice on projects, but most of all, I enjoy the fun activities. So I don’t have a talent for skiing (long day in Winterberg). I did drove the board safely through England! I do miss our daily lunch, which I used to practice the Dutch language.


What also amazed me was the ease with which UT employees deal with the ever-changing board members. In all meetings, I received a warm and curious welcome varying from PIP meetings to M&C bi-weekly meetings, and all those others like PIA, Student Wellbeing project, and ESIE project. Thank you all for your enthusiastic cooperation.


Are you interested in our work? Please contact us! We all like to tell you all about our projects. Are you up for a challenge? Check out the information on our webpage.