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Are you okay?


During the 4 weeks of October 4 to 29 a series of lectures, activities, and courses are on offer in order to help students find balance and a new boost of energy. With attention paid to “vitality, physical and mental health, and also especially relaxation,” the weeks cover all aspects of student well-being. 

After the successful edition that took place in spring, the University decided to continue with a new edition during the upcoming month. Many new activities have been introduced, taking place both online and in person. 

As a student, you can choose from lectures by Tinka van Vuuren, an “endowed professor of Vitality Management at the Strategic Human Resource Management;” ones about sleeping smart; and top sports and data. Activities available include lunch walks, yoga (online), and a salsa workshop. 

GoodHabitz will also offer over 100 courses, which cover a variety of different topics. The ones that relate best to the theme of this year's wellbeing weeks: “Boost and Balance,” include Remote working, The power of sleep, and Get a grip, clear your mind. 

For a more extensive overview of the available activities and when they take place: check out the wellbeing weeks page.