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A fresh perspective on the “new” coronavirus regulations

It’s been just over a week since the new regulations were announced and taken into effect. After many students celebrated the end of the module during association drinks and open parties, the hard reality of another lockdown hit everyone as they laid in bed Saturday afternoon. 

We all received an email clarifying new regulations, similar to those that were followed in September. Although the regulations seem a bit repetitive, we would like to suggest some ways through which you can (attempt to) deal with these regulations, and offer a fresh perspective.

Wear a mask when moving around buildings. You may remove it when sitting down.

Make wearing a mask fun! Have a (virtual) mask decorating party with your friends. Purchase a new mask or take an old one and bedazzle, sew, and DIY it to fit your mood. Alternatively, create your own mask; take an old sock/bra/t-shirt and cut and sew it to fit your face.

A maximum of 75 students may be present during offline lectures.

If you are lucky enough to attend an offline class, make it interesting for yourself. For example: count how many people are actually in the room. If the lecture takes place online, there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself occupied (while still paying attention, of course) such as eating, drawing, showering, origami, exercising, or DIYing a face mask.

Make regular use of (gratis!) self-testing kits (www.zelftestonderwijs.nl), and stay at home (and get tested) in case of symptoms.

Try to see how far you can stick the cotton bud down your nose before you need to cough, sneeze, or shed a tear. Make sure to mark the date you can order your next self-test kit in your agenda, because as students we need to take advantage of all the free items we can.

Academic defenses and ceremonies can take place, with a maximum group size of 75.

If you are graduating, congratulations! Plan a nice dinner for you and your family and start thinking about your future of job applications, interviews, and endless 9 to 5. If someone you know is graduating, also congratulations! Get them a nice present to celebrate their achievement, such as a homemade mask.

No social activities such as drinks in association rooms.

Undertake social activities at a safe distance, and for cheaper rates, with our UnionDeals. Eat a burger at Stanislaus Brewskovitch, go to Kinepolis and watch the newest release, go on a coffee date at Coffee Fellows, and more. 

In all seriousness, however unfortunate the situation is, we want everyone to remain safe, and following the regulations is one way to do so. We commend everyone for their perseverance and would like to encourage those that find these times difficult to reach out for help.