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MySU: building a web application to support every association

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the mySU commitee. They are currently building a web application that will support every association within the University!


I am Tjeerd. I am a student master student Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Systems & Control, and an avid "knotsballer". And I am Bram, I am a master student Civil Engineering and Management, and in my free time I like to go out with my photo camera. Some time ago members of the SU board were looking for students helping them to kick start a community driven web application such that every board could benefit from having such a system. Till that moment we have only worked on existing projects and not started any major projects from scratch. This sounded like a good learning experience and a nice challenge.


Every association has a member administration. These range from an excel file to full blown Content Management Systems. Having a web application can make the job of a board member significantly easier and less error prone. However, not every association has the manpower, people with the necessary skills or the money for a maintain system of their own. With MySU we are building a web application tailored to the needs of those that do not have one of their own. In particular this application makes it easy for board members to see and manage who is a member of the association, to group members in committees and to generate events. Currently we are working on finishing the first working version, such that those that want to use the application can use it in and after this summer's Kick-In. 


Next year we want to add the option to make debt collections and make a terminal (Dutch: digitaal streeplijst systeem). The debt collection will then be able to include all the purchase through the terminal, enrollment fees for activities/events, and the membership fees. Once that has been accomplished, the next step will be determined by the users of the application. 


If you are (candidate) board member of an association which does not have a member administrator or has one that is in need of replacement, and you are interested in hearing more about what MySU can offer you, then please sent an email to help@su.utwente.nl. On the other hand, if you are interested in helping, then please send an email to join@su.utwente.nl.