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Blog Yorick - former employee Internationalisation team

Hi everyone! My name is Yorick Moleman. I was born in the northern part of The Netherlands, Friesland, 24 years ago. I moved to Enschede for my study, a choice I have never once regretted. Besides following my study, I love to be active within the student world. For the last two years, I worked at the Student Union!

After my board year at Study Association Stress, I was up for a new challenge and wanted to use my knowledge to improve the student life in Enschede even more. I applied for a position within the Internationalisation team of the Student Union because I know what it is like to be an international student as well; I completed my minor in Luleå, northern Sweden. After two years of working at the Student Union, I have recently left the team.   

I really enjoyed working in the Student Union team because it is such a young and vibrant organization. Drinks and other networking activities are organized, and there is always a nice Christmas present. 😉 Due to the yearly board change, your “boss” changes every year. That can be challenging because a lot of knowledge leaves the organization, and it always takes a bit of time to get used to working with a new board member. It is also, however, the fun part of working at the SU. Every year, there is a new board member with a lot of energy and fresh ideas! Due to the small size of the team, differing between 2-4 people, my opinion was taken seriously! I really enjoyed the fact that you could make a change!