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And the winners of the 5th edition of the UT Challenge are…

Flux Robotics, Ibilight and Clever Worker!


The UT Entrepreneurial Challenge provides students with a platform to create and develop “innovative solutions to societal problems.” Out of the 90 competing teams, Flux Robotics, Ibilight, and Clever Worker stood out from the rest during the finale on June 8th; winning the Startup, Prototyping, and Ideation awards, respectively. 

The medical innovation of Flux Robotics addresses the challenges that come with treating cardiovascular diseases, more specifically the heavy workload of a surgeon and his team. The solution found by Christoff Heunis and his supporting team is “magnetic actuation techniques and robotic-assisted surgeries” that lead to increased efficiency in the working environment, more accuracy during medical procedures, and speedy interventions. 

Sefora Tunc designed Ibilight as a tool to better connect with the elderly, aiming to overcome loneliness. The lamp emulates a social presence, improving the connection between a child and their parent. Along with the Prototyping award, Ibilight was awarded the 4TU Impact Challenge Wildcards, securing them a spot at Slush 2021, “The world’s leading startup event” taking place in Helsinki in December.

Clever Worker developed a “smart calendar planner that schedules work tasks for employees, with their wellbeing in mind.” It ensures that sufficient breaks are taken, and that the structure of a workday is set up in such a way that it reduces stress on employees. Giulia Lorini, Flavia Veres, and Luc Weidgraaf hope that this solution will help tackle “the increase in chronic stress and mental health issues,” especially in current events.


The audience prize was awarded to Streepn, who designed a mobile application that allows students to keep track of the purchase and consumption of drinks (beer), and any administrative affairs such as stock and expenses.

Lifelong Learning Lab earned the ASML Makers Award for their solution regarding the goal of quality education, which facilitates a collaborative environment to improve the quality of lifelong learning.

Together with Flux Robotics, Joint-on-Chip who developed a ”multi-organ platform which enables the study of different diseases,” were awarded the Branding Package by UT challenge business partner Creative Mules.


There is no doubt that during the next edition of the UT challenge, students of the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands will deliver even more groundbreaking ideas. For more information please visit the UT Challenge website.