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10 augustus 2018
Afscheidsblog Jordi

As I have so often done during the year in order to peacefully reflect or to look forward, I have retreated to the Theater Café where all factors await to reflect back on the year: my laptop, headphones over my air, some coffee and the sun shining on my face.

Looking around, I see many other students gathering together at tables to order dinner. It is exam-week, so the food better be fast! I recall the original mission I posted at the beginning of the year, hoping to contribute, together with amazing people, to the idea that all students would see an even better student culture than this university already offered.

And as I hoped, the SU was the place to make impact on student’s life. There is so much going on at the UT and the SU is in the perfect position to facilitate, initiate or challenge those initiatives. I hoped to, together with the rest of the SU community, improve and set-up new initiatives that would result in great impact. But my perspective on this impact has changed in its level, as has been the case for so many perspectives I used to hold before starting my year at the Student Union.

Personally, the year at the Student Union has heavily impacted me on a personal level. There were some extreme heights during the many intensive meetings, progress in important projects, connections with amazing people or days that just seemed to go perfect. You easily take those moments for granted, focusing on the content of the never-ending work and altogether forgetting about what the journey has brought along the way. But there were also so many extreme lows, which at the time leave you with the feeling of no perspective at all. But in these extreme situations, we learn and adapt and are rewarded with a new insights that will help us grow as person. How about that for impact on an individual level.

And by the end of my board year, I have seen this individual impact all around me. The UT offers one large playground, where almost any student is offered the possibility to participate in the game activism offers. We are all so busy working trying to set-up new initiates as well as evaluating, maintaining and improving the current ones. But the collective life experience we all get to achieve through doing this, the new friendships, the strong community feeling, that is what I would call impact!

And many times, when I was sitting in the Theatre café, this has helped me to put everything in perspective. I am grateful to have worked with so many amazing, talented and enthusiastic people for an amazing student community, and I am fully confident that Roos will follow-up great. Because for her, the game has just started!