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19 oktober 2018
Introductieblog Arthur de Lange

Hi! My name is Arthur de Lange. Before I started my studies I lived in Zutphen, a small and beautiful city in the province Gelderland. After 18 years I moved to the Campus of the UT, were I live with 7 other people.

In my time at the UT I became active at many places, such as S.V. Paradoks and D.R.V. Euros. There, I learned different skills in small and large committees and I worked for the UT as a Student Assistant. Next to that, I also became a member of the social club Divide et Medica, a group of students who have become some of my closest friends. From the beginning, I wanted to get the maximum out of my student life and that thought hasn’t changed.

This year, on the 3rd of September, my board year at the Student Union officially began and with it, the next step in my student life. After a month of learning from my successor Albert-Jan I was ready to start, together with the other three new board members. Just a few weeks later, all of our effort is being dedicated to the Student Union.

Three years ago when I started my bachelor Biomedical Engineering, I never would have expected to be where I am now. But, I am very glad it did happen and that I can spend this year as portfolio holder Finances, Accommodation and Enterprises.