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Student Minds

Speak your mind!

Amsterdam, 2015: Hundreds of students take control over the board room of their university because they are dissatisfied with the pursued policies. Because the students’ opinions are very important to the board and employees of the University of Twente, feedback and input is gathered throughout the year. However, those moments of feedback often happen only after the policies have been written. Student Minds gives students the opportunity to tag along during the entire process. Students get involved in meetings and decision-making processes about interesting projects that concern the entirety of studying Enschede.


The university has multiple services: General Affairs, Campus & Facility Management, Centre for Educational Support, Financial and Economic Affairs, Human Resources, Library, ICT services & Archive, Marketing & Communications and Strategy & Policy. Within these services, university employees are working daily on different kinds of projects. Most of these projects directly influence you, the student. Being a Student Mind means you get to help think about projects like:

  • transition from Blackboard to Canvas,
  • makingthe university more environmentally friendly,
  • evaluation TOM,
  • interiour design library

And plenty more! Project leaders can, for example, invite you to tag along during meetings, to discuss the subjects with your fellow students, or to give your opinion on documents. But the most important thing: Your opinion counts.


Student Minds is meant for all involved and critically thinking students, who want to better the university for themselves and for others by giving their thorough opinion. As a token of appreciation, compensation is available.  The height of the compensation depends on the time asked. Because you can choose your own projects, you know how much time is asked before you start, and what the compensation will be.