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Final Submissions 2021

Café Zottekop

We are Café Zottekop, a cosy and active house on the Campus, consisting of 11 students. We have been interested in our energy consumption for a while, which is also why we signed up for the eco-challenge. Our old freezers and fridges have been bugging us for ages because their energy consumption is more than double compared to new fridges and freezers. We noticed this already in 2019, but the washing machine had broken down, so we ran out of money! Thus, we want to replace our freezers and fridges to become a more ecofriendly house and we urge you to do the same. Please, watch our video for more information and make sure to vote on us!

Huize Bentrot

Hello, we are huize Bentrot and we are 11 guys all studying in Enschede. We have plenty of people who love to do odd jobs, so we came up with some ideas on how to improve our house, and make it more environmentally friendly. Our main idea is to use cold, outside winter air to cool the beer in our beer fridge. Based on KNMI data from the last 50 years, we estimate that there will be about 79 days per year on which the maximum temperature will not go above 7 degrees. With this system, we won’t have to use any power to cool beer during any of those days!

Campuslaan 37

Hi! We are Campuslaan 37 and we want to improve our house in the following ways:

In our common spaces we currently have old incandescent lamps. We would like to replace these old light bulbs with more efficient LED light bulbs from Phillips.

We plan on replacing the water tap we have in our shower with a thermostat tap. In addition both knobs have a button that has to be pressed to get a higher temperature then 38oC or more water.

The oven that we are currently using is an old large oven that takes a long time to heat up. This costs a lot of energy. Therefore we want to get a new oven that works better and has an better energy label.

Fridges and freezers are known to be appliances that use a lot of energy since they are on 24/7. As we are living with 14 people we have a lot of fridges and freezers. The rubbers in the doors of the fridge and freezers are dried out which leads to the doors not closing properly anymore. We plan on replacing the fridges and freezers with ones that have an A+ energy label.

Huize Leopold

Campuslaan 53 would like to participate in the UT ECO challenge 2021! We are a lively student house with at the moment ten male and four female housemembers. We love to hang out in our ‘gezellige’ livingroom with a beer to discuss our days or to show our beer pong skills. In times of corona we became even closer as a house. The last couple of months we have been particularly motivated to improve our student house. We like to approach things head-on, like changing the lay-out and painting our entire living room in only 3 days! Last round, we received the feedback that we should discuss our plans with de Veste. We took your advice and scheduled a meeting with Hans Beumers. He was very enthousiastic about our plans and mentioned that de Veste is willing to help us invest our prize money. Furthermore, we updated our budget plans and decided to focus on two of our ideas from last round. We put together four different plans to show how we would like to invest the prize money, depending on the prize we would win.

Huize Edelweiss

Hello, we are Huize Edelweiss and by participating in the UT Eco Challenge we want to make our house more sustainable. We want to achieve the highest decrease in energy consumption for the least amount of money. Big strides can be made in particular by replacing devices that are on 24 hours a day for more sustainable ones. Think of the refrigerators and lighting in the hallways. Join us on our path to an eco-friendly student house in Enschede.

The Order of the Black Hand

We are The order of the black hand. We are an active, fun, vegetarian, international house that you can find on wbw 387A. We want everyone to profit from our idea and want to make all student houses a bit more environmentally friendly. Therefore, we want to provide the whole campus with egg cookers, financed by the prize money! Egg cookers save a lot of water and energy, leading to a cheaper bill. This means that a vote for us, is a vote for you! Together, we can make the campus a bit more EGGofriendly!

The order of the black hand