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Huize Schommelbank
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Area: 14m²
House type: Mixed male/female
Occupants: 14


house with livingroom

About the house

House Swinging Couch is looking for a new roommate! A house with many oddities. A piano, a homemade workout bench and of course a swinging couch. Highlights of the year include Sinterklaas, Christmas, the flatweekend and now also a flatparty when rules allow. We also sport (baseball, volleyball, climbing and tennis for example) and eat together on a regular basis. Our house is characterized by diversity and tolerance: drinking nice beers is “gezellig”, but something else is also fine; A lot of us play an instrument or sing, but if you are as non-musical as the neighbours cat it is also okay. When you are having a hangover or need some relaxing time, the living room is the place to be. We accept some noise inside the house, but we don’t like smoking inside. We also don’t really feel like welcoming extra roommates in the form of pets. We are a house with 14 people (currently 9 men and 5 women) and have a big comfortable living room (including kitchen), a sunny balcony, 2 toilets, 3 showers, 3 sinks and a laundry room. Our house may be a bit messy, but not dirty; we have a cleaning schedule so everything will be cleaned once a week.

So, can you have discussions on many different (scientific or less scientific) topics? Write a nice message and maybe we will invite you to meet us one time at a hospiteeravond (interview with our flat).

About the room

Room on the second floor, more or less 14 m^2 with a view on trees and a quiet street. In the back there are also volleyball fields :)


Campuslaan 71 7522 NK Netherlands


Eva van Os