Student Houses

There are many student houses in Enschede: on campus, in the city center, but also in other neighborhoods of Enschede. Aside from location, you can also choose with how many people you want to live. Some prefer houses with only three roommates, while others are looking for houses with up to 14 others.


A student house is not only a place to reside: (Dutch) students regard their house as a nice group of friends whom provide a pleasant and safe home during your time as a student. For example, it is deemed important to be able to trust each other, and to have everyone motivated to put effort into the house and each other. Therefore, if you are interested in a student house, it is expected you go through an application process. This system is called cooptation (“coöptatie”).

The application process may sound like it requires more than it really does. Sending in a short messages in which you nicely and clearly introduce yourself is usually all it takes to be invited for an interview (“hospiteeravond”). During such a night both you and the house’s current residents can see if you are a good match. Often a times on such a night you won’t be the only applicant present. It is not unusual a student house invites multiple applicants at the same time. Although some houses prefer each applicant coming by separately. At any rate, don’t be surprised if you will also be faced with the competing applicants during your interview.

Tips for “hospiteren”

To help you find a suitable student house as soon as possible, we compiled some tips for you: