Living alone

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of a place all to yourself. Somewhere where you can withdraw and do whatever you want uninterrupted. A place with your own bathroom and kitchen. If this is what you want, you’ll have to go find a (studio) apartment. Studios on campus can be rented through De Veste. For option available beyond the campus, check out the Alternative Accommodation Handbook.

Studios available on campus range between 15m2 and 60m2. The larger studios are of more recent build. This, combined with the additional space, does mean they are more expensive.

Before jumping onto this option, it is good to take a moment to realise living alone does mean you will be singularly responsible for all expenses and administration. Among other things, this means your rent will be higher than when you rent a room in a student house. Additionally, when your refrigerator or washing machine breaks down, you will have to replace this yourself. Make sure you have some money set aside to take care of these things.

On the other hand, do not let high rent scare you off too quickly. In some instances you are entitled to rent benefits. These benefits will be a monthly sum of money you will receive from the Dutch tax authorities to help you pay for your rent. Do you want to know if you are eligible to rent benefits? Read more about the requirements in terms of income, type of accommodation, and age.

Found a studio on campus? Respond quickly, because studios are in high demand and their availability is limited.