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Open for pick-up:

Due to the current Corona Lockdown the UnionShop is closed. From February 9th it is possible to pick up products of the UnionShop on Tuesday and Friday between 12.30pm and 13.45pm. You need to send a mail to unionshop@utwente.nl with the product you want. If you want to print, make sure to tell us how you want it to be printed: black and white/color, double-sided/single-sided, ring binder/glue cover.

Orders that are placed before Monday can be picked up on Tuesday. Order that are placed before Thursday can be picked up on Friday. You will receive a mail with the specified time to pick up your order (between 12.30pm and 13.45pm). Orders can be picked up at the Bastille on the side of the Subway. It is important to be on time, so it will not be too crowded. At the pick up point can only be paid with OFI number, Maestro card or in cash. (Online payment is NOT possible!)

Please note:

-          It is not allowed to pick up the order with more than one person, so come alone

-          Packages will not be sent. It is only possible to pick up the order at the UnionShop.

-          There is no dry cleaning service

-          For Red Drop service you need to contact Red Drop Design directly by sending a mail to info@reddropdesign.nl

We strongly advice everyone to order togethers as much as possible. So ask your housemates if they need anything from the UnionShop. In this way we can make sure everyone can collect their orders safely.

Stay Safe!