Private rooms and studios

Do you rather like the idea of being able to withdraw to your own private living quarters after a long day of classes? A place with its own bathroom and kitchen? A space for you live by your own standards without distractions from roommates? You are certainly not the only one who enjoys that prospect. That’s why several apartments and studios are available for students.

On this site we will focus on the possibilities on campus. However, there are several organizations and landlords that offer private lodgings all over the city that you could apply for. Signing up for “Stichting Jongeren Huisvesting Twente” (Youth Accommodation Twente Foundation) may help you along also. For this organization’s purpose is to help students and other young people find rooms and apartments in Twente.

Living alone on campus

On campus several studios and private rooms are offered. However, make sure to respond immediately if one becomes available, for there aren’t many. The private living quarters on campus vary by prize and size. A few years ago two new residential buildings were constructed that offer private studios only. These rooms range between 30 to 60 m2 . However, due to their size and more recent construction, they are more expensive than other options on campus. Cheaper alternatives are also available, but in those instances the living spaces will also be smaller. This means a total size of about 15 m2. If you are interested in private living quarters on campus, you should sign up for “Woningstichting de Veste” (Housing cooperation de Veste).

Good to know

If you like having your own space, a private room is the way to go! However, being well-prepared is a must. We don’t want you to run into problems you had not initially anticipated. Therefore, we’ve made you a list of tips that can help you along: