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Your student life

You have just started your student life in Enschede, you are planning to start studying at the University of Twente soon or you are already studying here for some time. Now, you are wondering what you actually want to achieve during the time that you are a student in The Netherlands. Although only you can decide how you would like to fulfil this fantastic period, we will help you choosing the great things this university offers!

Become an active student or student entrepreneur!

It is hard to prevent not becoming a member of one of our great student associations .You will share a passion, make new friends and have an enjoyable place to relax after studying. Still, a membership is only one thing. Becoming an active student is more than participating in activities and events. How does it sound to actually organize these activities yourself? Or to work on the policy of your association as a board member? In Twente it is quite common among students to voluntarily work for their association. We call this: student activism. This way you will not only develop yourself academically, but you will also master certain soft skills. Skills that you will only learn outside your study programme but which are beneficial and necessary once you will make a start on the labor market. Wouldn’t it be great to show off these competencies, while you are having your very first job interview?

If you have a cool idea for a product or service, it is time to start-up your very own business.  Many student entrepreneurs from the University of Twente have paved the way for you. And a great deal of them became successful entrepreneurs, like Booking.com!

As we work together with the university, we make sure to help you in every possible way to make your plans true. Make sure that your student life is not about just having a degree, it is about More Than a Degree!

What about studying then?

It is really doable to combine studying with becoming member of an association, student activism or your start-up. You would probably understand that when you like to party every night, it will definitely become a challenge to achieve good study results. Yet, it is a fact that most of the students choose to become member or an active student. Not only this might help you to get convinced, also the following simple calculation makes sense. When you have an average study week of 40 hours, there are plenty of evenings, nights and weekends to fill in with activities you would like to spend your time on. If that does not sound enough for you, you can also choose to take a study year off. This way you can for instance focus on your board or your venture. The University of Twente offers a financial compensation in certain cases.


We know that students do not have loads of money to spend. Together with all the associations, we make sure that the costs in your student life are as low as can be. We would really regret the idea of students not having beautiful experiences during their student life because of financial reasons. This way, every student gets the opportunity to become member of an association or to participate in one of the many activities.

We also help you save your money by offering interesting deals and discounts. Would you enjoy a free swim in one of the swimming pools of Enschede or to play some pool on campus free of charge? Perhaps you would like to make use of our sports and performing arts facilities or are you interested in a discount on your cinema tickets. Then the UnionCard is there for you! We try to fix new interesting and great student deals too. As many we can get. Looking for a big discount on the Escape Room in Enschede, or advantageous barbecuing without any cleaning expenses? Our UnionDeals will help you!

If you have an outrageous plan for organizing a student activity or another cool initiative, it is possible to apply for one of our subsidies. This way we try to make the student life in Enschede as vivid and memorable as possible!