What we do

The Student Union is an organisation for students, by students with the following mission: "Everything we do is done for our fellow students – to empower them to achieve more than a degree "  In practice, this means that we represent the interests of students. We do this in order to allow the voice of students to be heard in regard to policy issues. Besides this, we are also busy providing direct services and organising events for UT students.


The executive board has outsourced several tasks, ones related to students, to the Student Union. These agreements are established in a so-called covenant. It states that the Student Union is responsible for policymaking for certain issues, such as sports and student housing. Aside from this, the Student Union also has the right to advise on a number of other matters. This means that we can advocate from a student's perspective what is best for UT students.


In addition to policy-related tasks, we realise various services, programs and events. These tasks are always aimed at promoting wellbeing and academic development for UT students. Examples are discounts for students (UnionDeals), competency development (More Than a Degree) and the introduction period (Kick-In). Also think of services for associations, such as help with setting up an association or subsidies.

How we do this

Each board member of the Student Union has been assigned a number of portfolios. A vision has been drawn up for each portfolio to determine where the Student Union aims to go with the relevant portfolio. In the name of these portfolios each board member is in regular contact with various services of the UT, the municipality and entrepreneurs. In this way, we guarantee the interests of all UT students are clear to different stakeholders. In addition, the board members periodically consult the umbrella associations, who know what is going on in their relevant student sector. The umbrella associations represent the voice of the associations, who in turn represent the voice of the individual student. As a result, board members remain informed about what is happening to the students they represent, and this can be raised with a united voice with the relevant parties.

In addition to representing the interest of UT students, many initiatives and services are offered by the Student Union. Board members cannot do this alone, so they are supported by employees and/or committees. The tasks of these employees and committees range from organising an event to making deals with companies, especially for UT students.

Just like every successful organisation the Student Union does not operate without monitoring. This is why the Student Union reports to the Supervisory Board. Every six weeks the board meets with the Supervisory Board to discuss developments. Additionally, the Student Union keeps associations informed of annual plans and realisations through the Participants Council meetings.

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