As an umbrella organisation for 10.000 students, the Student Union arranges the best deals for students of the Universtity of Twente! Discounts on trips, services, clothing, sports, food & drinks for your committee, house, club, fraternity/sorority, etc! Since the Student Union is not profit-oriented, we can arrange the very best deals! The individual deals from the Student Union can be found on this UnionDeals platform!

In addition, the Student Union has joined forces with a number of her participants and with that has achieved deals, especially for all associations! Looking for transportation, studytrips or printing? Look no further and have a look around the Overarching Deals platform!

Do you want to know more about how the UnionDeals are arranged? Read more about this on the page on UnionDeals!

To ensure that we have the best interests of every student at the University of Twente represented, we want to ask you to give some feedback concerning the present Union Deals and for possbilities that would add to our platform. Then you can give your feedback below.

Are you a company and are you curious whether we can start a new Union Deal? Please contact us via email and maybe find your own Union Deal in the future at this page.

Laila's cooking class
Learn about the Moroccan cuisine
Damsté Lawyers - Notaries
Professional help with a discount.
Discount on legal help!
Rent your own storage space with a discount!
33% discount!
Grolsch Brewery Tour
Discount on the tour!
Subway Bastille
Two platter which includes 5 30cm Subs for just €23,80 and special prices during dinner time!
From 37,50 for 23,80
Kinepolis cinema
Much discount on your cinema tickets at Kinepolis!
€8,99 for a ticket!
Pepsi, 7-up and Sisi
Huge discounts for all associations on Vrumona drinks!!
Discount per liter
Vrijhof Theatre
Go to the theatre on Campus!
Discount on the theatre
INQAR car rental
Driving with a discount!
15% discount on the rental of cars/vans
Ice skating Twente
Voor €6.50
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