UnionDeals is an initiative of the Student Union. The Student Union finds it important to dedicate itself to the welfare of the students at the University of Twente. Many students find that they want to take part in activities or want to arrange important matters, but this can be a major step in financial terms.


UnionDeals looks for the best deal for you, so you can be assured of the best price/quality ratio for the deals. The strength of UnionDeals is in economies of scale: because we collectively represent the interests of the students, we can offer better price than the individual student. The result is that you have a lower price.

The Student Union is a non-profit organisation. UnionDeals is an initiative that is purely focused on the interests of the student. Do you have a good idea, suggestion or general feedback? Let us know so that we can adapt our service to your wishes as well as possible. 


In addition to providing economies of scale for individual students or groups of friends, it also offers benefits for associations affiliated with the Student Union. By looking at the needs of associations together with different types of associations (sports, study, culture, and “gezelligheid”), we can work on Overarching Deals by using the network of the Student Union.