Student Union Committees

The Student Union organises many activities for students. These activities are made possible through the efforts of many active students who are organised in committees. Each committee can make use of the connections and support of the Student Union organisation. Below you can find all our committees, including a short description of what each committee does.  


Buddy is our committee that aims to connect Dutch and international students. Through Buddy, international students are included in the student life in an easy going way.

More about Buddy
Create Tomorrow

The organisation of the biggest student think tank in the world is the subject to our Create Tomorrow committee. In the spring of each odd year, about 15 organisations and 120 student teams find their way to this huge event.

More about Create Tomorrow

iDB is the committee that develops and maintains all systems that are indispensable before, during, and after the Kick-In to organise the event and to guide it in the right direction.

More about iDB
Kick-In Committee

The KIC is the committee that is responsible for the organisation of the introduction period of all freshmen.

More about the KIC
Student Union Network

The SUN is the committee that deals with the development of a free online application that allows associations to keep track of their membership records. This membership administration is kept up-to-date automatically with all associaitons and OSIRIS.

More about SUN
TEDx Utwente

An independent TED event cannot be absent at the UT. Our TEDx TwenteU committee brings together the most inspiring speakers of both the UT and the outside world every even year.

More about TEDx
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