Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board supervises and advises the board of the Student Union. All student organisations that are members of the Student Union, decide in the annual Participants Council meeting who will join this supervisory body. The Participants’ Council also has the possibility to dismiss a member. Through the Supervisory Board, all Union participants, therefore, have a major influence on the Student Union.

There are at least five and no more than nine places on the Supervisory Board, with a staggered representation of both students and non-students.

Every six weeks the Supervisory Board meets to consult with the board. The members have the following responsibilities:

It may happen that a problem arises between the Student Union and a connected student organisation. Of course, it will first be attempted to resolve this between themselves. If both parties do not agree, they can inform the Supervisory Board individually or together. In that case, the Board decides what will happen.

You can contact the Supervisory Board by sending an e-mail to the chairman of the Supervisory Board.