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About the Student Union

We are a non-profit organization that strive to make your student time completely terrific! We believe that your student time should be more than just studying. Therefore, we try everything to make this as unforgettable, educating, and cheap as possible. You can therefore regard to us as representative of the students’ and associations’ interests.

The thing that makes the University of Twente unique, is that almost every student is active at an association: not only as participant of activities, but also as organizer of these activities. By deploying all these active students, and the possibilities the university has to offer, the student life of Enschede is as vivid as it is.

How do we work?

The Student Union is a big umbrella student organization. Each year six students with experience in student activism are appointed to form the board of this organization. This board will, aided by the students’ input, develop an annual plan containing all kinds of matters concerning students. Making policy involves many things, ranging from doing research on the desires and demands of students, to creating and monitoring the corresponding facilities in the end. That’s why we get help from a big amount of committees and employees. This results in our Student Union already consisting of more than 100 hard-working people. You can think of the Kick-In committee, the Create Tomorrow committee, the service desk employees in the Bastille, the Office employees, and our student employees.

The Student Union can be seen as the bridge between student organizations in Enschede, and the central governing institution of the University of Twente, the so called Executive Board (in Dutch: College van Bestuur, CvB). We think along with them about everything but education. You can for example think of sports and culture facilities on campus, the organization of different student events, and stimulating entrepreneurship among students. Incorporating your opinion, we determine the policy on several fields, and we give advises on other topics. In this way we are able to gain insights on the desires and opinions of students and associations already in an early stage of policy-making, and send it through to the university’s management.

Unique student organization in the Netherlands

Most of the Anglo-Saxon universities are known with a Student Union. However, in the Netherlands this is unique. As a result of the positive experiences with Unions abroad, the University of Twente back in May 1999 decided to found a likewise student organization. Legally speaking, on Dutch universities a university council consisting of student representatives should be present, focussing on education of students. The University of Twente has, besides this, an organization like the Student Union. Being the only student organization in the Netherlands, the Executive Board of the university has granted us some rights and responsibilities to co-make policy with them.