Sustainability fund

Does your association want to become more sustainable? The Student Union sustainability fund can make this decision more affordable!


This fund is separated into three categories and we are still expanding! The current categories are:

  • Clothing
  • Promotional materials
  • Catering alternatives

The requirements for this fund can be found in the regulations document. This document is found on the subsidy webpage on the Student Union website.


To ensure that the subsidy money is well-spent, the following things need to be handed in via the form below, some before and some after the purchase.


  • Budget plan of the purchase
  • Prove of the certifications as stated in the regulations
  • For promotional materials, the following information should be added:
    • When and what will the promotional materials be used for?
    • What is the added value to the promotion?
    • Are the products used for external promotion?
    • The substantiation of the number of paper materials
    • The design of the promotional materials
  • When ordering food, the following information should be added:
    • Prove that the food is solely vegetarian
    • Prove that measures have been taken to avoid a surplus of food
    • The plan about what to do with surplus food


  • Invoice
  • Realisation of the costs 

* Independent of any category, communications e.g. social media post where the Student Union Sustainability Fund is promoted in a photo of your event/initiative would be appreciated. This way others will be stimulated to also make sustainable choices with the use of this fund.

The invoice should be mailed to invoices@utwente.nl with j.h.m.christenhusz@utwente.nl included in the mail. See the invoice guide of the UT. Please include the following workorder number: 20000420-10. 

Sustainability fund request form


Promotional materials

Catering alternatives