The goal of the team Internationalisation is to stimulate internationalisation and to safeguard the inclusion of international students in policy plans and initiatives set out by the UT. The team Internationalisation supports the SU portfolio holder Communication, Internationalisation and Wellbeing with the policy and (new) projects regaring internalionalisation. We aim to facilitate a safe, inspiring and nurturing environment for both Dutch and international students to feel at home, so they can flourish and make the best out of their time at the UT. The World Associations play a vital role in creating this community for our (international) students.

This is why we have An Pan as our World Sector Officer. He is here to assist the boards of the World Associations at the UT by giving advice on their policy plans, budget plans and by helping out with practical issues. Examples are opening a Dutch bank account, registering at the KvK, or communicating with Dutch governmental or commercial agencies. If you feel like An can help your World Association out in any way, please reach out to him via a.pan@utwente.nl. He looks forward to helping you out and make the international community at the UT even healthier, happier and stronger.

An Pan
World Sector Officer
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