On the topic of sustainability, we - from the Student Union - support the goals of the University of Twente and the Green Hub Twente. We align with Shaping 2030 - the mission, vision and strategy of the University of Twente to become a sustainable organisation by 2030. More specifically, the Student Union takes action to make sustainability a natural part of the daily lives of students, employees and partners at the university by:

Entities involved in promoting  and facilitating sustainability at the UT

Sustainability, Energy & Environment
Green Hub Twente
Shaping Expert Group
Centre of Energy innovation
Sustainability fund
energy transition & behaviour
Scientists 4Future
Vegan Student Association
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Further information

Is your association looking to become more sustainable or do you want to live a more sustainable live? Follow the corresponding link below.

If you have any further questions about sustainability at the UT, send an email to: sustainability@utwente.nl

For more specific questions regarding sustainability, send an email to the Green Hub Twente. The Green Hub is a student-driven organization that works on sustainability in research, education, community and innovation.