Student Union Promotion Fund

The Student Union Promotion Fund will come into effect on the first of April 2019 and replaces the “Sports Promotion Fund.” The portfolio holder of Sports & Culture of the Student Union is ultimately responsible for managing the Student Union Promotion fund.

Goal of the Student Union Stimulation Fund

The Student Union Promotion Fund stimulates students to independently set up a complete association by providing financial support. In this way, an attempt is made to increase the value of the sports and culture sector at the UT. This fund is therefore exclusively intended for the sports and culture sector at the UT.

Student Union Recognition and Subsidy Model

Newly established associations who wish to claim the promotion fund must be in possession of a Student Union Recognition (temporary or permanent) without facility card requirement. Furthermore, in accordance with the Sports at the University of Twente/Culture at the University of Twente Vision, the association must be an addition to the current offer already available at the University.

The promotion fund is therefore closely linked with the Student Union Sports and Culture Subsidy Model. This means that associations that have withdrawn from the subsidy model cannot claim the promotion fund.

An association can make use of the Promotion Fund for financial support for a maximum of two academic years. At the end of the period of financial support a new association can, if complete and thriving, acquire a position within the Sports and Culture subsidy model.

Financial Support Purpose

The promotion fund has a capacity of € 7500,- per calendar year, of which €2500,- is meant for culture and €5000,- for sports. If there is money left in either sector, or there is a shortage in the other, the Student Union Board has the authority to occasionally change the allocated amounts.

The money that is allocated from the fund to the association in question can be used for the rental of accommodation, providing instruction and/or purchasing equipment. When the fund is awarded, it is determined what this money will be used for and it is in accordance with the subsidy model.

The board of the Student Union has decision making authority and responsibility for awarding grants from the fund. The Student Union can seek advice from the culture umbrella Apollo, the Sportkoepel, the UT sports centre, and Culture & Events.

Arrangements for Culture Rehearsal Groups

An exception applies to the student culture sector. Existing culture association can receive financial support from the promotion fund for setting up new rehearsal groups. Subsidies for rehearsal groups can be requested for a maximum of one academic year. The Student Union wants to offer subsidies for rehearsal groups in order to increase participation in culture at the UT.

A policy plan and budget must be provided to the Culture portfolio holder at the Student Union. This plan describes how the new rehearsal group will finance themselves after the end of the financially supported academic year. The Student Union board will assess the delivered policy plan and budget, and can seek advice from the culture umbrella Apollo, and Culture & Events.

Financial support for new rehearsal groups are always secondary to applications regarding setting up new associations.