Student Union Stimulation Fund

The Student Union Stimulation Fund offers financial support to newly formed sports or cultural associations that intend to join the subsidy model for sports and cultural associations at UT (the FAM model). The Stimulation Fund offers associations support on multiple levels based on how far progressed the association is. This way, new associations get the right amount of support they need to start their activities, recruit members, and create a community around their shared hobby or passion.

Policy requirements

Financial details

The Stimulation Fund consists of a yearly total amount of €5000,-, and can be used for the rental of accommodation, paying for training instruction and/or purchasing equipment. The amount of financial support a new association can receive per mentioned category is elaborated on in the attachment below, ‘Subsidy Regulations Stimulation Fund’. To make use of the Stimulation Fund, association members are required to possess facility card subscriptions. How this works, and the effect of this on your association, will be discussed during the introductory conversation about the FAM model.