Do you as a Study Association have a great initiative or do you want to improve an existing initiative that contributes to the student well-being and the social cohesion among your students? The NPO-budget (National Programma Onderwijs) can boost your initiative!

The NPO request process requires a couple of steps, the flowchart below will guide you through the process.


To determine whether an activity is applicable for NPO funds, the following requirements need to be met:

  • NPO money has been granted to study associations, but it is meant for all students of the study programme, not just members of the study association;
  • The activity should add to the social cohesion and to the well-being of students. Activities can be entirely social (i.e. a drink or a sports tournament) or study related (i.e. a field trip or career related workshop);
  • Associations will put extra effort in the inclusion of students who tend not to participate in their regular activities  by actively reaching out to these students (i.e. master students, international students and students not active at the study association);
  • The activity should not only be promoted through the platform of the association, but also via the study programme (i.e. through canvas or lectures); 
  • Study associations will inform the NPO contact person of their faculty timely for input, feedback and approval; 
  • Any participation fees for the students should be the same for members and non-members of the association;
  • The request is sent before the event.


To ensure that the NPO money is well-spent, the following things need to be handed in via the form below, some before and some after the activity.

Before the activity

  • A transparent budget plan, closing at zero
  • Proof of communication with the faculty

After the activity

  • Invoice
  • Realisation of the budget plan

Please note that a positive result in the realisation of the event will be subtracted from the NPO funds you receive.

Please send the realisation and invoice before three months after the event. The invoice should be mailed to invoices@utwente.nl with npo-su@utwente.nl included in the mail. See the invoice guide of the UT. Please include the following workorder number: 17522004-10. 

NPO request Form

Please send the invoice before submitting this form.