More Than A Degree initiative fund

Do you have a great initiative or do you want to organise an event? The More Than A Degree - initiative fund can help! This fund is especially for student organisations who have a cool initiative in mind and is made available by the Student Union and Grolsch.

Examples of initiatives include an activity, a multi-day event or a plan for a certain facility on the campus or in the city. Such as a festival, a sports tournament or a debate. So in short, a lot of things, as long as it contributes to our mission: "EVERYTHING WE DO IS DONE FOR OUR FELLOW STUDENTS - TO EMPOWER THEM TO ACHIEVE MORE THAN A DEGREE"

From this fund, you, as a Union recognised association, will be granted a maximum subsidy of 500 euros per year. 

Types of initiatives


For any initiative, the following applies:

Number of students

Amount of subsidy (in euros)

Less than 30

Maximum 100

30 – 60

Maximum 200


Maximum 500 for innovative initiatives

Maximum 350 for repetitive initiatives


Before the event:

After the event


The application for the subsidy will be discussed with the board within 4 weeks. After this, you will be informed whether or not the subsidy application has been approved. After the event, the organisation has 3 months to send the financial realisation, proof of sponsorship in communication statements and the invoice. The grant will be paid out after the assessment of these documents.


It is also possible to contact the University Fund Foundation if you have an idea for students. You or your student organisation can appeal to this fund when you want to realise an innovative or special activity. When sending your motivation, remember to include a budget. All details about this grant can be found on the website of the University Fund Foundation.