Running therapy sign-up

Location: Outside in front of the sportcentre. 

Running therapy is a guided running session where you are accompanied by a coach. Everyone can participate in a running therapy session. Whether you are a frequent runner of have never run before, the training session will be adjusted to the level of the people in the group.
Running therapy incorporates mental health with physical exercise. We understand that exercising can sometimes be a challenge, but it can actually contribute to your well-being for the rest of the day. By running or walking, you can recharge yourself.
If you are struggling with anxiety or stress-related symptoms running therapy can also be beneficial for you. During the running session the coach will pay attention to how you are feeling and how to use physical activity in order to boost your mental well-being. If you are not struggling with anxiety or stress-related symptoms, running therapy can still be super nice!

So, be sure to get in some exercise now that the days are getting darker and colder and join a running therapy session!  

Please note that the sessions take place outdoors, rain or shine, to ensure continuity. We therefore recommend wearing sports clothing and walking or running shoes that you can move comfortably in.  

Below you can sign up for one of the slots for running therapy.
Be sure to sign up quickly since there are only limited places available. You will receive an email with whether or not you can participate since it is unfortunately not possible to put an automatic stop in the sign up system for when the maximum participants are reached. 

Thank you in advance!