Resilience and self defense workshop

In this two hours workshop you will work on your resilience and self defense skills. The workshop will be a mix of technical and dynamical training. During the two hours you will focus on :

  • Being alert
  • Emotion regulation
  • Voice usage
  • Breaking through a ‘’freeze’’ response
  • Training to escape simple attacks

There will be no competitive aspect to this workshop, the workshop will be given in a relaxed and easy atmosphere.
It will be physical and full contact training, so regular sports clothing (long trousers preferably) are needed. You can use the changing rooms and lockers at the sports center. The workshop starts at 15.30, so be sure to be there a bit earlier if you have to change.

The workshop will give you a basis into self-defense skills but will also help you feel more confident in other aspects of your life.
So, be sure to get some movement in now that the days are getting shorter, and sign up for this amazing workshop!

There are only limited places available, so be sure to sign up on time. You will receive an email with whether or not you can participate in the workshop, since it is unfortunately not possible to automatically put a stop on the sign-up form. You can sign up below.

Event info

Event name/title:

Resilience and self-defense workshop


(22nd of November is full) 29th of November




SC 2 , sport center