Fobos - Financial support fund for Students

What is FOBOS?

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FOBOS, in Dutch, stands for Financial Support Special Circumstances of Students. This support ensures that if you have suffered a study delay due to special circumstances, you can receive a scholarship for this. Within FOBOS there are four types of scholarships, namely a top-level sports grant, a top-level arts grant, a force majeure allowance, or an activism grant. Information about all four types of scholarships can be found on the UT website.

The UT facilitates board- and committee work in the form of activism grants. As Student Union, we are responsible for the activism grants. The Activism Grants are split up into 6 categories:


To be eligible for receiving the activism grants, students will have to meet the conditions of the activism grants scheme in the FOBOS policy. This will be checked by the registry. Any remaining activism grants from a student who don not comply with the conditions of the activism grants scheme cannot be reallocated. These requirements include among others the recognised period, grants for pre-master students and first-year bachelor students, amount of a grant, obtaining credits, and the extent of the support. Below you can find a FOBOS information document with information about these requirements. This is also incorporated in the policy of FOBOS. Please check these requirements before the start of your board year to not be surprised at the time of the application!

Application process

Activism grants can be applied for per calendar year because the financial circle of the UT runs from calendar year till calendar year. No more than 1 grant per month can be awarded in the active period. This means that grants can only be distributed to a student in the exact months the student was active. When your activism activities are continuous in calendar years, you have to request grants in January 2024 for your active months in 2023, and in January 2025 for the calendar year 2024.

The application process for activism grants is dependent on the category in which the application falls. The policy for the first four categories is reviewed every two years. This policy determines how many grants can be divided per sector.

The activism grants for category 5 are divided by the Student Union in corporation with the umbrella organisations. More information about the application process for activism grants for entrepreneurial students (category 6) can be found here


An overview of the FOBOS in 2022-2023 including an overview of organisations eligible for receiving grants can be found in the documents below. Moreover, in the document ‘Information Document FOBOS’ you can find more information about the requirements to receive grants. For more information concerning the activism grant (application), you can also visit this webpage.