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Fobos - Financial support fund for Students

What is FOBOS?

An informative movie can be found in the header of this page!

FOBOS, in Dutch, stands for Financial Support Special Circumstances of Students. This support ensures that if you have suffered a study delay due to special circumstances, you can receive a scholarship for this. Within FOBOS there are four types of scholarships, namely:

As the Student Union, we are responsible for the grant in the category of activism. Information about all four types of scholarships can be found on the UT website.


The UT facilitates board- and committee work in the form of activism grants. These grants are granted by the Student Union in close cooperation with the umbrella organisations. These grants are meant as financial compensation irrespective of any delay incurred. These activism grants are divided into five Category’s.

Application process

The application process for activism grants is dependent on the category in which the application falls. The policy for the first four categories is reviewed every two years. This policy determines how many grants can be divided per sector. However, for the category “Extra & Occasional”, the number of grants is fixed each year. Look for the process of your category below.

CATEGORY 1 to 3:


CATEGORY "EXTRA & occasional": 

Board change during the calendar year

Activism grants can be applied for per calendar year. When your board year is not in sync with the calendar year, the grants requested this calendar year should be divided among both boards of this calendar year. Make sure you note this in your continuity documents with a distribution method (x/12th for the first board and x/12th for the second board). 


An overview of the FOBOS for 2019 and 2020, including the associations that are eligible for the grants, can be found in the document below. For more information concerning the activism grant (application) you can also visit this webpage.